• A Back to School Poem :)

    A Back to School Poem :)

    ‘Twas the first day of school, it’s 7 a.m. In just 15 minutes, silence again Lunches are made, breakfast is done Bus is approaching, don’t walk – run! Kisses and hugs, boys have a great day Alone in my kitchen Hip, Hip, Hooray! affectionately written by ~Diane Henderiks      

  • Take Comfort

    Take Comfort

    com·fort (kum′fərt) – a state of ease and quiet enjoyment, free from worry, pain, or trouble.

    We all want to look and feel healthy all year round so why is it so difficult to stay committed to a healthy eating and exercise regimen in the winter? Have the short, cold and dark winter days…

  • “Dish with Diane: Chef Inspired Healthy” with Jeremy McMillan

    “Dish with Diane: Chef Inspired Healthy” with Jeremy McMillan

    The Bedford Post Inn (www.bedfordpostinn.com) is a quaint, luxury 8-room inn located in the beautiful Westchester town of Bedford, New York about an hour from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Superstar Richard Gere, his lovely wife, actress Carey Lowell and their business partner Russell Hernandez joined together in 2007 to rescue and restore this historic property dating back to the 1860′s…

  • Sandy Socked our Shore!

    Sandy Socked our Shore!

    Hey guys! My blog is about all things food and nutrition but this time I want to share my experience down here at the Jersey Shore and what Sandy has been throwing at us! We were warned of Sandy’s wrath early on but by the time we got to the store there were no C [...]